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Air show Leeuwarden 2008

This year the Royal Dutch Air force air show was at Leeuwarden. It was 2 day event, 20 and 21 June. For the spotters there was a possibility to get on the airbase, the day for the air show during de arrival of most the planes.

The picture above was taken on friday 20 june. The KDC-10 made a pass at about 1 m high, the whole length of the runway.

Spotters day
There a some pictures of this spotters day

The weather that day was not good. In the morning there where many heavy showers. So the runway was wet, witch gave a nice spray of water of the wheels.

Some of the planes where for the static show, so after the landing they where dragged to there place.

In the afternoon the greek phantom arrived and made 3 nice passes.

At the end of this day, the Frecce Tricolori made a practice demo.


Air show 20 June
The weather at this day a lot better then de day before. The gates opened at 8.00 AM and air show began at 9.30 AM.
One of the traditions during the air shows of the Royal Dutch Air Force, are the historical airplanes.

There also demo's of some helicopters from the Belgium Air Force, Royal Air Force and the Royal Dutch Air Force. The helicopter form the Royal Dutch Air Force was the NH-90. This was the first time that this new helicopter was displayed to the Dutch public.

One part of the shows was of the rescue helicopter of the Royal Dutch Air Force, the AB412 SP.

There was also a small Air Power Demo, where by F-16 made bombing runs and Apaches, Cougars and a Chinook where involved. To simulate the bombs, there where some explosion.

Like its normal in the USA, a heritage flight, was next. The flight was 3 planes, a B-25, a Hunter and a F-16. The B-25 and the Hunter where in dutch markings, but they never for the Dutch Air Force.

After that it was time for demonstration of the Dutch F-16AM.

This year was the first time that the Folland Gnat's where doing there shows.

The Mirage 2000C from the French Air Force conducted his normal flying display, but of the moister in the air, some nice vapors where visible.

The last par of this show report, are some pictures of the planes that where in the static display.

Text en photo's by Fran├žois van Riel