Supercruise Aviation - Article
Open days in Finland 2009

In 2009 there where four small open days in Finland. These where at Kuopio (Rissala), Tampere (Pirkkala), Halli (Kuorevesi) and Kauhava. The last two where on the same day and because these bases are about 200 km apart, I had to made a choice and that was Kauhava.

These small open days are more for the local people and the schools. The normal flying operation would go on as usual.

Kuopio may 14
The F-18's Hornets where very busy with there normal flying.

The L-90TP is the new basic training airplane.

The newest helicopter of the Finnish Army, is the NH-90TTH.

An open day without the Midnight Hawks is unthinkable.


Tampere 19 may
The weather at Tampere was a lot better then at Kuopio. There was a small static, but the runway was not visible from there.

For the demo of the Midnight Hawks, The team coordinator came in with a Hawk and he was dressed as the Santa Claus.

Only the helicopters made a demo. The other airplane made a pass or a show above the static area.


Kauhava may 20
During this open day, I had the possibility to visit the flight line of the Hawks.

Because the sun was in the morning on the wrong side, I went outside the base for some picture of the Hornet demo.


by Fran├žois van Riel