Supercruise Aviation - Article
Ala 23
Talavera la Real

The Airbase started in 1953 when the decision was made there was a need for a new base for training van new fighter pilots. The first trainer was the T-33A and it arrived in 1954. In 1958 a new fighter was added to the inventory of the Spanish Air Force, namely the F-86F. Because there was no two-seater for this type, the training on this type had to be done differently.

The student first had to learn the airplane by taxiing along with an instructor, with the instructor sitting in a special seat that was mounted next to the cockpit. If the student mastered this part, he immediately had to start a solo flight, where the instructor flew in another F-86F and gave instructions.

In 1970 a new trainer came to the base, namely the F-5B, a two-seater version of the F-5A. The first training course started in 1971. This type is still used until today.

In order to meet the requirements, the F-5 has been updated several times, now flying with modern avionics so that there is a good connection with the EF-18 Hornet and the EF2000 Typhoon.

I want to thank everyone at the base for an incredible 2 days, where everything was arranged perfectly. I would also like to thank Koos Heemskerk for arranging this perfect visit and 4Aviation for organizing the trip.

Night flying
Exercise extracting an injured pilot after landing
By Fran├žois van Riel