Supercruise Aviation - Article
Barksdale AFB, November 2014

During a trip through America with 4Aviation, were visited Barksdale AFB in Shreveport in the state Louisiana.

In the morning we have been in the Mike Woods Park, which is situated on the south-west side of the base. Unfortunately, the sun is then on the wrong side, but you do have a nice overview as the B-52's take-off

When we were in the park, I saw something happen at high altitude. I made a picture and guess what, it was a KC-135 which was refueling a C-17. Something you do not see every day.

Then we went to the museum on the base. While we were there, we also had the opportunity to photograph some aircraft in the landing. A surprise was the B-1B

In the afternoon we went to the north-west side to stand in the landing.

A nice bonus was the arrival of a T-38A from Whiteman AFB. This can sometimes mean that there is an incoming B-2A and yes 15 minutes later, there it was. A beautiful closures of the day, where we saw all three bombers of the Air Force.

By Fran├žois van Riel