Supercruise Aviation - Article
Vermont Air National Guard

As part of the trip true Canada with 4Aviation, a small detour was made to Burlington IAP. At this airport you can find the Green Mountain Boys of the 134 th Fighter Squadron. Unfortunately it was not possible to get a base visit, but there are good possibilities on the outside for making pictures.

The squadron's history dates back to 1947, when is was assigned to the 101st Fighter Group, 67th Fighter Wing. They flew with three T-6 trainers, a C-47 and an L-5. Later that year, they received the first P-47. In 1950 the squadron made the transition to the P-51 Mustang. The jetage began in 1953, when the first T-33's came for the conversion to the F-94 Starfire. The aging F-94s were replaced by twin-engine F-89D Scorpion fighters in 1958. Two years later F-89Js replaced the D models. In mid August of 1965 the unit began transitioning into the single seat, single engine F-102.

The unit received 20 EB-57 Canberras in 1974. These two seat, two engine aircraft were equipped with electronic counter-measures and chaff emitting equipment. The unit began a transition to the F-4D Phantom in 1980. The latest aircraft chance was in 1986, white the F-16. At this time the squadron flies white the C model.

During are visit, there was a C-130 on the platform and a KC-135 was making touch and go's.

On the airfield there is also a Army unit, Det 2 Co A 1-224th AVN, that flies with the UH-72A Lakota.

By Fran├žois van Riel