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Trip to Canada 2011

Following a trip organized by 4Aviation, we visited some bases in Canada. Because Canada is a very large country, the bases are far a part, so traveling times are also great.

A total of 6 bases where visited. In addition, a number of museums and preserved airplanes visited. The report of these museums and preserved airplanes can be found with this link

Cold Lake 9 and 10 juni

We started on the juni 9 at the viewing area on the base, but unfortunately there now a fence that ia at least 3 m high, so that taxi photo's are very difficult. The only way is through the fence.

In the afternoon there was a base visit with a very good explanation of operations at the base by our guides, the PAO and a pilot.

Edmonton Garrisson 10 juni

We had no base visit at this field, but our tour guide Stefan was going try this. After some searching for the right person, he got permission for our group to photograph the CH-146's. Under the guidance of a pilot we went to the hangar where two helicopters were. Fortunately for us, one Griffon still had to come back from a training flight.

Bagotville 12 and 13 juni

On 11 and 12 June there was an airshow here, but unfortunately for us Saterday was a lovely sunny day and Sunday a cold wet and windy day. Fortunately we had a base visited on Monday, with the aim of photographing the airplanes of the airshow without the ropes and people.

Did we now, that at the end of the airshow on Sunday, the base personel immediately began removing all the tents and all the other stuff. Almost of the aircraft left on Sunday evening. So when we arrived Monday on the based, there were only a few aircraft on the flightline.

Yet we had a nice day on Monday, where we got a tour of the base from a pilot in training. He also gave an explanation of the CF-188's which are stationed in Bagotville.

Burlington 14 juni

Burlington was a visit to the USA during this trip in Canada. From this visit, a separate report was made. Click here.

Trenton 15 juni

At first we had trouble finding the right location, our contact individuals. Eventually we were in the right place and we were introduced to our guide. Again, the guide a pilot in training and was very accommodating, which also showed his statement "I will follow you".

We were allowed to visist flightline where the Hercules was present in large numbers. Both the E and the J version were on the flightline. Also, the CC-177 (C-17) and CH-146 where there. Unfortunately, all the CC-150 where not at Trenton that day. However, there were two visitors, namely a C-144 and two B200 Beech.

Borden 16 juni

Borden is the main training base for engineers of Canadian Air Force. There is also a helicopter squadron equipped with CH-146 Griffons.

Borden is the birthplace of the Canadian Air Force. The old hangars are still there, but will be demolished next year.

Ottawa 16 juni

In Ottawa, two squadrons, namely the 412 that flies the CC-144 and 414 that is equipped with Alpha Jets. The former Luftwaffe Alpha Jets are operated by Top Aces Inc in support of the Air Force.

Unfortunately the weather was very bad, because it was raining the whole time we were there.

I would like 4Aviation and especially thanks to Stefan Goossens for a great trip to Canada.

By Fran├žois van Riel