Supercruise Aviation - Article
Edwards AFB in 2009

Edwards AFB is the 2nd largest base in the Air Force and is located in the state of California.

Edwards is the home of the Air Force Test Center. At the base are the 95th Air Base Wing and the 412th Test Wing.
From the development of the country’s first jet aircraft to the Air Force’s newest fighter, the F-22 Raptor, the test forces at Edwards have played a role in the development of virtually every aircraft to enter the Air Force inventory since World War II. Edwards can provide real-time solutions during combat operations, establishing the Flight Test Center’s direct and tangible link to the warfighter.

Besides the wings, there is also a museum and many stored airplanes.

Also on the base is the Dryden Flight Research Center from NASA.

This photoreport was made during base visit in august 2009. We would like to thank John P. Haire and his team at the Edwards AFB Public Affairs, for making it all possible.

On the plaform - 412th Test Wing
On the plaform - visitors
1 - Century Circle at the West Gate
2 - Air Force Flight Test Center Museum
3 - Storage area, south of the runway
4 - Dryden Flight Research Center preserved airplanes
5 - Preserved B-52 at North Gate
Preserved airplane at the base

The Air Force first jet plane, based on the fuselarge of a P-51

A Starfighter with a rocked

By François van Riel