Supercruise Aviation - Article
Night shooting at Eindhoven Air Base

Through "Onze Luchtmacht", I had the opportunity to make night shots on the platform of the Air Base Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Unfortunately at that time only the KDC-10 and Gulfstream IV of the Royal Dutch Air Force were present. A C-130H was present around 16 hours, but he went around 4 pm and would come back at the end of the evening, unfortunately.

In addition, two other planes there were present, namely a C-160D of the German Air Force and an An-12BP of the Civilian company Cavok Air, which was carrying cargo for the Air Force.

I would like to say thanks to “Onze Luchtmacht” and the personnel of the Air Base Eindhoven for there cooperation in making this possible.

Gulfstream IV
By François van Riel