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International exercise Frisian Flag 2013

From April 15 2013 to April 26, 2013 there was exercise by fighter pilots from different countries for two weeks in offensive and defensive missions at Leeuwarden airbase. The focus of Frisian Flag 2013 was mainly on international cooperation. It revolves not only to the use of air weapons, but also the cooperation between international battle management and air traffic control.

On Leeuwarden airbase were more than 55 aircraft and 2 times daily about 45 aircraft where in air. In addition to the machines of Leeuwarden and Volkel air bases, there were also represented of the Belgian and Polish Air Force, with F-16s. The Germans were there with the Eurofighters and the Swedes with the JAS-39 Gripens. After several years absence, the French where also present with the Mirage 2000C and Mirage F1CR's.

The Dutch KDC-10 served as a tank unit, Also a AWACS radar aircraft of NATO was present. During Frisian Flag, both in the air and in planning the various missions, the participating countries work closely together.

The organization of Frisian Flag was with TACTES 323 Squadron. This Leeuwarden squadron has TACTES (Tactical Training Evaluation and Standardization) task and provides both national and international standardization in F-16 operations.

By Fran├žois van Riel