Supercruise Aviation - Article
Farewell Alouette 3 at Gilze-Rijen 2015

After 51 years flying with the KLU, it was farewell for this helicopter in December of this year. During this farewell the four still flying Alouette 3 would stand together on the platform, and two would make a last flight.

As is custom with a farwell within the aviation world, the fire brigade was present after the landing of the last flight, to gif honorary salute with jets of water.


In 1963, the Alouette 3 entered service with the Royal Dutch Air Force. During the operational service, the tasks of this helicpoter varied of search and rescue over the Wadden Sea and North Sea to tactical flights in various mission areas. The Dutch Alouettes have been used, in Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and Cambodia.

The last years, the helicopters was mainly used to transport VIPs and in particularly the Royal family. Therefore, the helicopters are painted Royal Blue.


By Fran├žois van Riel