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Trip to Japan

In April 2015 I made a trip to Japan with 4Aviation. The outlook for the weather was not good and that came out. Fortunately the weather on Hyakuri was against expectations, very good. For more information about the organization of Forces of Japan and a description of the airfields, you can look in the article over Japan from 2006.


For the afternoon stood on the well-known small towers, from where you have a beautiful view over the airfield. After noon we went to the other side of the runway, but soon the clouds came with a the possibility of rain.

The following days Iruma, Yokota, Atsugi and Shimofusa were visited, but the rain came pouring down from the sky, so it was a lost day.

Here some pictures.


We would visit Hamamatsu today, but it still was raining that day. The museum was well visited and then we drove to Komaki, looking for some drier weather.

We were lucky and the weather was dry and sunny. Fortunately, there was some action and there were few visitors for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


From Komaki (Nagoya), we drove all the way to Komatsu, so that we could photograph the F-15's the next day. We found a nice spot in the landing 06 (next to the golf course), but all that landed, were airliners and one UH-60J.

We then went to the civilian terminal to see what was going on. There was an exercise in progress, the placing of wapons on the aircraft. We were told that today there would be no flying. We then went to the museum and then drove to Gifu.


In the afternoon we still went to Gifu. It was overcast when we arrived. The first stop was the spotters place near the taxiway. Later we went to the well-known spotters place in the park. The test squadron was flying well. Later in the week we would visit Gifu again.

The next day the rain was back again. We visited Iwakuni, Komatsuhima, Shizuhama and Tokushima, but only rain and more rain.

Here some pictures.


Luckily we had this day sunny weather, but only a KC-130 was flying.


We went today to the small airshow at Takayubaru, unfortunately it was a cloudy day. There was a small static on the platform, but is was possible to walk to the operational platform. The flying part was a formation flight.


The only downside during this trip was Nyutabaru because the weather was not good it again. In the morning it was rainy. Later it was just heavy cloudy. Because of the rain, there was the possibility of taking some other kind of pictures.


After a full day on Nyutabaru, it was time for a whole day on Tsuiki where they fly with F-2s and F-15s. They flew from the right side, so we could stand on the sea side. The weather was fair with alternatingly clouds and sun.


We had 3 airfields in the program for today, two training airflieds and the final goal as Iwakuni. First we went to Hofu-Kita where the training is for the Air Force. We also saw our first normal C-1 and it would remain the only one.


Navy pilots are trained at this airport. Again, it had rained, but luckily it was dry now, only there was a lot of wind.


Luckily we had this day sunny weather. The Americans and the Japanese where both flying. The special painted E-2 was flying and my first P-8 made a couple touch and go's. Also the special ops P-3 where flying, it was good day at Iwakuni.


As usual they start flying early and when we arrived the first helicopters were brought out on the platform. The newest addition, the Enstrom TH-480B, was on the platform and was also flying.


This was the second time we went to Gifu, only unfortunately there was a lot of clouds present. Fortunately, the Phantoms flew this time. The other F-2, in a second world war US navy color scheme, was making touch and go's.


This time the weather in Atsugi was good. In the morning we stood along the road, but this is not a good place to photograph. In the afternoon we went to the spotters place. As in Gifu, this is a specially built park. We were also lucky that the flying boat landed.


This was the last day in Japan, but it was Saturday, so there are not many aircraft movements. We were told that a C-17 would land at Yokota, so we're going to stand in the landing and waited until it came in.


We also visited some museum, but that will be covered by another article.

Text en photo's by Fran├žois van Riel