Supercruise Aviation - Article
Konya, Tiger Meet 2015

Tiger Meet 2015 was held at Konya Airbase in Turkey from end April until first part of May.

Unfortunately only 7 squadrons where at this meeting and EC 5/330 from Mont-de-Marsan did not bring any airplanes, but used the airplanes of EC 1/7. The other squadrons had other commitments and could therefore not send any airplanes. The F-16C/D from 131 Filo were used as Red Air.

I want to thank the staff of base Konya and 192 Filo for organizing the photo meeting. Also a thanks to 4Aviation for organizing the trip to Konya.

192 Filo
Staffel 11
EC 1/7
21° Gruppo
131 Filo (Red Air)
Transport / Tanker / AWACS

By François van Riel