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The End Of The Film
The last flight of the RF-4E of 348 TRS of the Greece Air Force

After 39 years flying with the RF-4E Phantom II, the Greek Air Force stop flying this beautiful airplane, but that was not all, also the 348 MTA (Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron) is suspending its operations after 64 years.

With that another iconic airplane left the sky’s in Europe, the recce Phantom II can now only found in Japan and Iran.

The RF-4E started its service in Greek Air Force in 1978 after replacing the RF-84F Thunderflash witch was flying at that time with the 348 MTA. At the end in 2017, there were only three airworthy RF-4E still flying for the 348 MTA.

The 348 MTA was one of the oldest and most historical squadrons of the Greek Air Force. The history of the 348 MTA started in September 1953 when the 335 squadron used F-84G with photo camera’s in the tip tanks. The results were satisfactory, but not exactly what they wanted, so this led to the order of RT-33A with camera’s in de nose. This was the point where the new 348 MTA was form on 7th of July 1954.

For this special moment, the squadron organizes a special event on the 4 and 5 may 2017. 4 may was the spotters day and 5 may was the official end of the squadron and the RF-4E. The organizers of the squadron hat big plans, but unfortunately not everything was approved by the Air Force Headquarters. Still it was nice end for the squadron and the RF-4E Phantom II.

There were 2 Phantoms in special colour scheme. The 7450 with the old colour scheme, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 348 MTA.

And the 7499, The end of the film, marking the end of the RF-4E and the 348 MTA.
Also the 71765 in the Vietnam-era color scheme.
The end was marked by a formation flight ot the 3 phantoms, along with an F-16 and a Mirage 2000 of the Greek Air Force. Unfortunately, all this happens with backlight.
Some other photo's taken during the 2 days
By François van Riel