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Air Tattoo Show at Ohakea, New Zealand 2017

During my trip with 4Aviation to New Zealand and Australia, we visit the Air Tattoo Show at Ohakea. We had the opportunity to be on the airbase on Thursday and Friday during the arrival of the different participants from New Zealand itself and the foreign ones.
For the New Zealanders the arrival of the Australian Hornets was the big event. When we got there, the Air Force of Singapore was all ready present.
The show was good and a first for me was de cargo dropping from a Hercules during a air show.

A selection of the Static

During the Saturday, the first day of the air show, we where aloud on the airbase before the gate were open for the public, just at sun rice, making it possible to make some different kind of pictures.

Pictures taken during Thursday, Friday and Saturday

New Zealand


United States of America



Great Britain



By Fran├žois van Riel