Supercruise Aviation - Article
Royal Jordanian Air Force 2015

In November 2015 we visited the Jordanian Air Force. This article is about the present RJAF's orbat: its bases, units and types of aircraft. A book about the RJAF is also available with more background and history. A link can be found at the bottem of this report.

We would like to thank Major General Mansour S. Aljobour and his staff for all the cooperation that we have received during our visit. We also want to thank all base and squadron commanders for their cooperation and the possibilities that we received at the various bases. Finally we like to thank 4Aviation for organizing the trip.

Organization Air Force
At this moment, these are the active Air Bases;
Marka, Amman
East of Zarga

King Abdullah I Air Base
King Abdullah II Air Base
King Hussein Air College
Muwaffaq Salti Air Base
Prince Hassan Air Base

There is one more airfield in use, namely at Al Jafr, King Feisal bin Abdul Aziz Air Base, but at this moment there are no squadrons stationed here. The base is now only used during exercises.
King Abdullah I Air Base at Marka, Amman
At this Air Base there are 5 Squadrons present of the Air Force.
3 Squadron
7 Squadron
8 Squadron
14 Squadron
15 Squadron
King Abdullah II Air Base at Marka, East of Zarga
At this Air Base there are 3 Air Force Squadrons present, also at this Air Base is the Special Operations Command (SOCOM).
10 and 12 Squadron
25 Squadron
28 Squadron and 30 Squadron (SOCOM)
King Hussein Air College at Mafraq
At this Air Base there are 3 Squadrons and they are used for pilot training.
4 Squadron
5 Squadron
11 Squadron
Muwaffaq Salti Air Base at Azraq
At this Air Base there are 3 Squadrons, all flying with the Fighting Falcons.
1, 2 and 6 Squadron
Prince Hassan Air Base at H5
At this Air Base they where still flying with the F-5s until the end of 2015, but now the Hawk has replaced the F-5s.
17 Squadron
There is also a book available.

By Hans Antonissen and Fran├žois van Riel