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Seoul ADEX at Seongnam in South Korea

The Seoul ADEX 209 was held from October 5-20 at Seongnam Airbase in South Korea. The ADEX (Aerospace and Defense Exhibition) is a biannual and this was the 12th edition. There were around 430 defense companies from 34 countries and during the event there were 291,012 visitors, including 90,143 trade visitors.

During the opening ceremony, South Korea's F-35A fighter made air demonstrations, and a light armed helicopter (LAH) under development conducted its first flying display. South Korea also unveiled a mock-up of its KF-X jet for the first time, an envisioned indigenous cutting-edge fighter aircraft under the project to develop the homegrown fighter to replace the Air Force's aging fleet of F-4 and F-5 jets. This KF-X jet looks like crossing between a F-22 and a F-35.

Also on display was then products of Korea Aerospace Industries, like the KA-1, KT-1, KT-100, KUH-1 Surion, FA-50 and the T-50.

These airplanes / helicopters of the South Korea Air Force were on display.

The South Korean Air Force Black Eagles were also present during the event and preformed every day.

The U.S. was present with a A-10C, F-16CM, C-17A, E-3B, P-8A, KC-135R, CH-47F and a MH-60R.

These planes where also on display.

On October 15 there was big flying display of the South Korean Air Force with E-737, KF-16C/D’s, F-16C’s, F-15K’s, FA-50’s, KF-5E/F’s, F-4E’s and F-35A’s.

On the two days that we were there, we so these planes and helicopters flying.

At the end of or last day there, we got these pictures standing in the landing.

Report and Photos by François van Riel