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Air Show Batajnica 2012

One Hundred Years of the Serbian military aviation

In 2012 the Serbian Air Force celebrates its 100th anniversary. This celebration was held on Batajnica Airport. On 1 septmeber there was a media day organized and for this we had to report to the office of the Air Force in Belgrade. From here we were transported by bus to the airport. Once there it appeared that the entire airfield was filled with local people, which were allowed much earlier on the field.

Additionally, there was nothing prepared for photographing. There was a fence 2 m high, so without a stair or a chair, it was inpossible to take pictures on the runway. This fence was of course also present during the next day.

All in all it was still a fairly successful two days, where we have seen different planes of the Serbian Air Force.

A couple of the planes on the flight line.

In the south of the airbase where also some airplanes, but it is not clear whether they will fly ever again.

These where taken during de media day and the Air Show.

The Russian where present with the swifts.

By Fran├žois van Riel