Supercruise Aviation - Article
Tucson ANG

In 2011, the training of pilots of the Royal Dutch Air Force (KLu) moved from Springfield in Ohio to Tucson in Arizona. Tucson IAP is the home base of the Air National Guard and there are three squadrons from the ANG and a squadron for the training of F-16 pilots. The training squadron, 148th FS, was formerly used by United Arab Emirates for training of there F-16 pilots, but is now used by the KLu.

The squadrons of the ANG are 152nd FS and 195th FS. Also on the base is a test squadron, the AATC (ANG/AFRC Test Center). The 152nd FS flies with F-16CG and F-16DG and the 195th FS has F-16C and F-16D's.

148th FS, Kickin'Ass
1152nd FS, Tigers
195th FS, Warhawks
148th FS
152nd FS
195th FS

by Fran├žois van Riel