Supercruise Aviation - Article
Cornfield range 2010

With help of AGL, I got another visit at the Cornfield Range on the island Vlieland, witch is located in the north of the Netherlands. The weather at that day was very good.

The only visitors at this day in may, where Dutch airplanes. There where two waves of F-16s

Also at the range, was this SH-14D Lynx form the Dutch Navy. It was practicing shooting with the 7.62 machine gun at some old tanks.

With some help of the controller in the tower, the demo F-16 of the Dutch Air force made photo run for use. At first he came low en slow from the the south heading to the North see. Then he made a turn and came with full afterburner, for a high speed fly by.

Because of the very good weather and the white sand of the beach, the underside of the airplane was extremely light.

About 16.00 it was time to go to the boat, to get to the main land. I thank the AGL and the Royal Dutch Air force for the possibility to visit the range.

Text and photo’s by François van Riel