Supercruise Aviation - Article
MCAS Yuma in 2010

MCAS Yuma is a Marines base and it has four AV-8B's Squadrons, one F-5N/F Squadron and a mixed Squadron with HH-1N and UC-12B's

The four AV-8B's Squadrons are;
VMA-211 (Wake Island Avengers), flying with AV-8B and they have CF on there tail,
VMA-214 (Black Sheep), flying with AV-8B, AV-8B+ and AV-8B+(R)and they have WE on three tail,
VMA-311 (Tomcats), flying with AV-8B and AV-8B+ and they have WL on there tail,
VMA-513 (Flying Nightmares), flying with AV-8B and AV-8B+ and they have WF on there tail.

For the agressor role, there are F-5N's and one F-5F of the VMFT-401 squadron (Snipers), on this base.

On the base is also the H&HS squadron, witch fly's with HH-1N's and UC-12B's.

There where also AV-8B's and TAV-8B of VMAT-203 squadron from MCAS Cherry Point present.

Also some spy planes, EC-130H's of 43rd ECS squadron, from Davis Monthan AFB, where making touch and go's.

Some photo's when the sun is dropping behind the mountains.

By Fran├žois van Riel