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Airshow China 2012 at Zhuhai

China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (namely Airshow China) is the only international aerospace trade show in China that is endorsed by the Chinese central government.

Since 1996, the show has been successfully held in Zhuhai in every even-number year for eight sessions. Airshow China 2012 was from Nov. 13-18.

The first few days were reserved for trading. The last 3 days, there was an air show, with a total of 320,000 visitors during those 3 days. Unfortunately the weather was bad on Friday and Saturday, cloudy and even a bit of rain on Saturday.

A pity was the limited number of aircraft of the Chinese Air Force in the static and during the Airshow.

During the air show the Russian Nights and PLA August 1st Aerobatic Team gave a good demonstration.

Besides the fighter, there where also a flew helicopters that gave a demontration. Also a CRJ-700 from the Chinese government came in during the Airshow.

Nice was the presence of the Pakistani Air Force with their JF-17 Thunder, which is being developed in cooperation with China.

By Fran├žois van Riel