Supercruise Aviation - Article
Night flying at Volkel airbase in 2009

Spotter Group Volkel organized a spotter day on December 12, 2009, for the opportunity to photograph the F-16’s during there night flying training.

At first we went to the maintains hangar. The people of the airbase hat made nice static display.

The organization was very good because during the departure of the evening mission, we where standing near the final check point. After the departure, we went to the "safari park" to see the return of the airplanes.

The understanding was that all the airplanes would taxi thru the “safari park”, but unfortunately most of them did not.

All in all, a very successful evening, apart from the rain. I want to thank the Spotter Group Volkel and the people of the Information Office of the Volkel airbase.

The maintains hangar
The final check point
Safari park

By François van Riel