Supercruise Aviation - Article
Red Flag 09/05

Red Flag 09/02 was held at Nellis AFB between 24/8/2009 and 4/9/2009. This photoreport was made during the first week from the outside as well from the inside. I would like to thank the public affairs team of Nellis for their hospitality on base.

Blue forces


F-15C from the 131 FS


F-16E/F from the 148 FS UEAF
AMX from 51 Stormo ItAF
B-52H from 2 BW
EA-6B from VAQ-133
F-16C/D from 388 FW
F/A-18D from VMFA(AW)-121


KC-135R from 22 ARW
RC-135R from 116 ARS

Red forces

F-16C from 64 AGRS
F-15C/D from 65 AGRS

Other airplanes present during the Red Flag

94 FS
525 FS
F-16C/D from 55 FS
WB-57 from NASA

Local squadrons

422 TES
433 WS
Thunder Birds

By Hans Antonissen